Thoughts of Faith

Thoughts of Faith

Thoughts of Faith

What is faith?
Invisible yet solid.
Abstract yet tangible.
Infinitely deep; extraordinarily personal.
Layers and textures that blend and meld together –
like our faith in each other.
Like our faith in mankind.

Faith is in the hand that reaches out to us –
the hand that holds us; guides us. Keeps us safe.
Faith is in the words that we hear –
a voice in the purple darkness leading us into the rose pink.

Faith can be a wash of colour; a joyful place.
Warm tones – the infinite swirls of life; of passion.
Faith can be in the mellow-ochre words of wisdom –
an aquarelle transparency into all that has gone before.
A guide for all that is to come.

But faith can be blind.
A blood-red gash which can lead us to unknown depths.
To dark places. To grey turmoil.
Seek the light.
Seek your true faith.

What is faith?
Faith is all that we cannot see; all that we cannot touch.
An inner feeling.
Yet we know it is there.
Complex in its simplicity.
Simple in its complexity.