Dark Dreams
Dark Dreams

DARK DREAMS (published September 2020)

A dark and disturbing tale of secrets and lies, with a supernatural twist.

There are too many secrets and lies in the life of young Maggie Braithwaite.

A secret rape.
A very secret birth.
And an even more secret death.
Throw in a few lies to cover things over.
Then go on the road...

But running away is not always the answer. Secrets and lies have a habit of following you – they invade your mind and haunt your thoughts.

They give you dark dreams.

Will Maggie ever find the peace and retribution that she desperately needs to make the dark dreams go away?

Never stop looking over your shoulder, Maggie Braithwaite – your past is always watching you...

**Available in paperback and Kindle formats (see PURCHASE for more details)

DOWNHILL (published May 2019)

A gritty drama set in the 1980s' coal mining North of England.

This is no ordinary boy-meets-girl 'Romeo and Juliet'

Brought together by their passion for rock music, kindred teen-spirits Ged and Julie bridge their social divide, fall in love and marry. So far, so good...

However, a traumatic pregnancy and birth of their twin boys twists Julie into a downhill spiral of depression. As tragedy, grief and domestic abuse are added to the mix, Ged and his “Lady Juliet” are pushed into a dark world of secrets and lies.

Secrets and lies from the family.
Secrets and lies from their friends.
Secrets and lies from each other.

But when a serious accident threatens to blow their secret world wide open, family life teeters precariously on the edge of self-destruction.

**Available in paperback & Kindle formats (see PURCHASE for more details)