DOWNHILL (published May 2019)

A gritty drama set in the 1980's coal mining North of England.

This is no ordinary boy-meets-girl 'Romeo and Juliet'

Brought together by their passion for rock music, kindred teen-spirits Ged and Julie bridge their social divide, fall in love and marry. So far, so good...

However, a traumatic pregnancy and birth of their twin boys twists Julie into a downhill spiral of depression. As tragedy, grief and domestic abuse are added to the mix, Ged and his “Lady Juliet” are pushed into a dark world of secrets and lies.

Secrets and lies from the family.
Secrets and lies from their friends.
Secrets and lies from each other.

But when a serious accident threatens to blow their secret world wide open, family life teeters precariously on the edge of self-destruction.

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AND HERE'S A LITTLE TASTER FROM DARK DREAMS... (expected release: mid-2020)

‘Are you my mummy?’


‘Oh. But you’re so nice. Will you be my mummy?’

‘No. I can’t be.’

‘Why not?’

‘Because you’re dead…’

Rose’s eyes rolled behind her closed eyelids, her REM continuing to disturb her mind. Images, dark, light, floating, coming close, moving away, a disjointed mouth speaking to her, and she speaking back.

‘How old are you?’ she asked the floating mind-image.

‘Not very old. I can’t walk or talk yet.’

‘But you’re talking to me now…’

‘I know. But that’s because I’m inside your head. I can do whatever I want when I’m inside your head.’

Extract from Dark Dreams - Copyright: Ann Thorsson (August 2019)