Dark Dreams front cover
DOWNHILL (published May 2019)

A gritty drama set in the 1980s' coal mining North of England.

This is no ordinary boy-meets-girl 'Romeo and Juliet'

Brought together by their passion for rock music, kindred teen-spirits Ged and Julie bridge their social divide, fall in love and marry. So far, so good...

However, a traumatic pregnancy and birth of their twin boys twists Julie into a downhill spiral of depression. As tragedy, grief and domestic abuse are added to the mix, Ged and his “Lady Juliet” are pushed into a dark world of secrets and lies.

Secrets and lies from the family.
Secrets and lies from their friends.
Secrets and lies from each other.

But when a serious accident threatens to blow their secret world wide open, family life teeters precariously on the edge of self-destruction.

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AND HERE'S A LITTLE TASTER FROM DARK DREAMS... (expected release: September 2020)


Dark Dreams

“Are you my mummy?”


“Oh,” said the mind-voice. “But you’re so nice. Will you be my mummy?”

“No. I can’t be your mummy.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re dead…” Rose’s eyes rolled behind her closed eyelids, her REM continuing to disturb her sleep. Mind-images; dark, light, floating, coming close, moving away, a faceless mouth speaking to her, and she speaking back.

“It’s my birthday today,” said the voice.

“That’s nice. How old are you?” she asked the floating dream-image.

“That depends. I could be one, or I could be three."

“I don’t understand what you mean – how can you be one or three?” asked Rose, perplexed.

“Maybe not now, but one day you will understand. I’ll make sure of it.”

“Stop! You’re scaring me…”

“Scaring you? But I’m only a baby – I can’t walk or talk yet.”

“But you’re talking to me now…”

“I know. But that’s because I’m inside your head. I can do whatever I want when I’m inside your head.”

Extract from Dark Dreams - Copyright: Ann Thorsson (August 2019)