Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

So many shades.
So many meanings.
So many feelings.
I am every shade of blue.

I feel storm-cloud blue, when it cloaks the sea,
My mind swirls, like the ocean raging; aquamarine, purple, dark.
Fathomless, unleashed, tortured.
Pulled by the tide; by the ebb and flow.
Wave after wave, white horses ride atop the crest,
Quelling my storm; a purity to encase my fury.

I feel night-sky blue, inky-black.
A night-sky, littered with light; each one a memory.
One for you, one for me.
One for you, one for me.
Until we each have a pocketful of Van Gogh stars –
A pocketful of starry-night memories.
We are so rich.

I feel winter-day blue, icy and clear;
I draw heavy grey curtains of snow clouds around me.
A strange balance of beauty and cold.
My day snatched away by the moon; hidden by midnight-blue shadows.
My night enrobed in the northernmost majesty of green and purple.
Like a silk scarf swathing the night sky, keeping me warm.

I long to feel the caress of your summer-blue –
To feel your warmth.
To share long bright days, and even longer bright nights.
To chase the sun at midnight.
But summer-blue never lasts.
Like life itself, it’s the most fragile of blue.

I am every shade of blue.