Writing is often thought of as a solitary occupation, and yes, there are times when solitude is essential.

But before any book makes it to publication, there's a whole team of people behind the scenes that come together to make it a reality.

Here are my thanks to the team that helped me put together Downhill...
To the pre-readers:
Nurse Broon and Nurse Gladys
Pam, Josie, Debbie and Kay.

To Gabriel Rutenberg, for the author image:

To my dear friend and multi-award winning photographic artist, Heather Burns, for her creative genius on the cover artwork and promotional images:

To the publication team at UK Book Publishing:

To life, and all the inspiration that it gave me to create Downhill

And last but not least, to "My Three Vikings and a Wuffalo" for your love and patience.

Thank you!

The Mining North