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Want to know more ABOUT Ann Thorsson, the person behind these contemporary gritty dramas and inspirational poetry?

You can find information about my BOOKS - Downhill, which was first published in May 2019 (updated and republished in 2022), Dark Dreams, which was first published in September 2020 (updated and republished in 2022), and my third book, a novella called Dark Shadows, (April 2022). Book 4 (Twists of Fate) is now a work-in-progress; a gritty family drama which once again centres around the fictional coal mining town of Castle Ridge.

I am currently working on an anthology of POETRY. All of my poems are inspired by works of art and the local environment. Once completed, this anthology will be published as a charity book.

Authors love to get feedback about their work - here you can see a selection of reader REVIEWS for Downhill, Dark Dreams and Dark Shadows.

Now that you've read the REVIEWS, would you like to PURCHASE a copy of Downhill, Dark Dreams or Dark Shadows? Here you will find links to a number of online and independent retailers.

When I'm not writing, I love to paint and create, under the name of ArtisAnn Designs. Here you can see a selection of my ARTWORK in both acrylics and watercolours, together with some pyrography work and painting on stones. As you can see, living in Iceland gives me all the inspiration that I need!

Get the latest updates on NEWS & EVENTS. Book 4 (as yet untitled) has just been conceived and is now in writing progress. Follow the NEWS & EVENTS link for more info!

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And finally, it all comes down to TEAMWORK. Thanks to all those who helped make this a reality.

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